How to delete a password from Ipod Touch?

Answer Put the device in recovery mode and then connect it. It'll erase everything, though. (Been there, done that)

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IPod touch asking for APPLE ID password?

I am not sure how to fix it but here's what i would try..Restarting your computer.Logging out of your Account then restarting your computer then sign in again.Or Logg out and Log back in your accou... Read More »

How does the ipod touch wifi password look like?

Assuming you mean how you should enter it, they appear as dots. If you mean how to write one, if yours is WEP it is a combination of C-F and 0-9.

Forgotten password iPod touch?

Plug in your iPodGo to "My Computer" Go to your iPod's drive (F for me)Make sure you can see all hidden folders (If you aren't sure go to Tools, Folder Options, View Tab, and check Show)After that... Read More »

How do you recover your password to your iPod Touch?

lol hats gotta suck. Well. LOL seriously I did it on mine its to complicated to write of u can just send it in to apple have the fix it that'll take a long time also... some people said u can hook... Read More »