How to delete a facebook status over mobile (android)?

Answer This is kinda confusing to explain. Okay so on the right side of your phone (for my phone it's the right side) Slide your thumb in the opposite direction (left to right, right to left) and there wi... Read More »

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How do I change my status using Facebook Mobile?

Facebook Mobile Texts lets you use Facebook by text messaging on your phone.You can text Facebook to update your status, message your friends, or send a poke on the go. You can also choose to recei... Read More »

How do I get the facebook app to say the location on status updates instead of just 'via mobile'?

If i delete a facebook status, does it get deleted off the entire newsfeed?

Can you delete a facebook account from a android phone?

yes you can go to the facebook app, click on the left a menu button at the top. click account go to general then deactivate