How to delete Timeline at Facebook?

Answer it's not so boring once you learn how to use it…but you cant go back to the old format once you switch - and everyone soon will be forced to use it anyways

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How do I delete the Facebook Timeline?

there is no way to get rid of it - everyone is being converted to the timeline - it's the new look for facebookhere's how to set it up…


Facebook are moving everyone to Timeline and you cant remove Timeline once its enabled on your account.However, if you dont like the 2 column layout of timeline, you can view it in a single column ... Read More »

How can I delete my facebook timeline or undo it! I hate it!?

Yeah you are right.. Unfortunately, the only option out there to remove or disable the Facebook Timeline:…

Why did facebook lie to everyone and say that the new facebook timeline would be mandatory?

it will be required, but everyone doesnt get converte on the same day....