How to defrag my comp.?

Answer There are legitimate free software that you can download that not only defragments your comp but optimizes it too.It's called Smart Defrag 2.Search it on google. It's both free of charge and virus.

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How to Defrag an External Hard Drive Using Auslogics Disk Defrag?

Defragging is important to ensure your external hard drives performing at it's best. In this article I'll show you how to using a free program called Auslogics Disk Defrag.

Defrag Dangers?

In the early days of home computing, defragging a hard drive had its risks. The defragging program could move important files to the boot sector of the disk, or the hard drive itself could wear out... Read More »

How do I defrag. my computer?

You can defrag by using one of the following methods...1) Start > Run > type "dfrg.msc" without quotes..2) Start > Programs > Accessories > System tools > Defrag

Why won't my pc let me defrag?

Try disabling antivirus, and all other programs, and run it again.