How to deal with stress related chest pains?

Answer Many people have this. Its a condition where you are so stressed, your body produces so much of the "stress hormones", that your body loses the healthy balance of chemicals and hormones from the su... Read More »

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Any doc. who might know what's wrong with me and tell me if chest pains and neurological disorders are related?

Hell's teeth, Princess, this ain't good. Don't delay getting to the doc. I could make all sorts of suggestions for what might be wrong, but frankly it's a pointless exercise - you need some exper... Read More »

I'm a 37 year old experiencing chest pains - a tightening in the middle of chest with intermittant sharp pains?

I get the same feeling sometimes when I breathe. It hurts. The best thing to do, is just continue to go to your regular doctor and have him run any and every tests possible on you to ease your nerv... Read More »

How to deal with stress related joint pain need help?

I am a mainframe computer operator for the U.S. Government and when these monsters brake guess who gets the blame? I am 61 and find it getting harder and harder to get stress under control. However... Read More »

Why Am I Having Chest Pains What's Causing ThemI'm 18 years old, and have been having chest pains for the?