How to deal with racially ignorant questions about my baby?

Answer Plz don't listen to any of these ignorant bigots you speak to. It's your kid and your life, so you raise your kid and love her like there's no tomorrow. And make sure that your child grows up som... Read More »

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How to Deal With Ignorant, Selfish, Rude, but Caring Parents?

Ok, so imagine this: You go on vacation for the weekend, and the first thing your Dad wants to do is go to some lame store and he disregards you completely. When you try to talk to him, he says "Sh... Read More »

How to Deal With Questions About When You're Getting Married?

It’s really no one’s business when or if you plan to marry; however, this query is commonly hurled at couples who have been together for a certain number of months or years. Many young people h... Read More »

What does mud mean racially?

Mud is a racial slur. It can mean a white woman who dates black men or a biracial (black and white) person. Mud people is a different racial slur for African-American people.References:The Racial S... Read More »

Is Wikipedia Racially Insensitive?

I thought I would try to answer your question from a neutral standpoint perspective because the answer above is from an actual Wikipedia Administrator so I'm not sure if it will help you too much. ... Read More »