How to deactivate a sensor alarm on my window?

Answer its only double sided taped on the window, just pull off the magnet (the smaller box) and the transmitter (the bigger box) and leave them next to each other in storage just like they were when they... Read More »

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How to Deactivate the Parking Brake Sensor on a Raptor 660?

Yamaha Raptor 660 sport ATVs built before 2005 were equipped with a parking brake sensor switch that limits the engine to a maximum of 2,000 rpm while the parking brake is engaged. Though the senso... Read More »

How to Set Up Window Alarm Sensors?

Window sensors are an important element to keeping your home safe. Window sensors work on a two-part system. One part of the window sensor, called the trigger, is attached to the window. The other ... Read More »

Does light trigger the PIR sensor for a Yale home security alarm?

All PIR (passive infrared) sensors detect intruders by sensing body heat. The sensors are designed to respond only to sudden changes in heat, so the slow warming of a switched on light bulb does no... Read More »

Question about an Alarm system (BOSCH ICP-CC488): Basically every time the alarm is switched on or off it...?……