How to deactivate Photoshop when I can't find the program?

Answer It would have helped to know what version of Adobe's PhotoShop you are talking about, and what Operating System you are using this on.And if you can not find the Executable file anywhere, then appa... Read More »

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How to Deactivate Your Photoshop CS3 When the Computer No Longer Works?

An Adobe Photoshop CS3 serial number activates two computers to legally use the software. If you wish to switch Adobe Photoshop CS3 to another computer, you must deactivate it on the original compu... Read More »

How do I find the serial number on the Photoshop CS2 program?

Inside the PackageOpen the Photoshop CS2 disc case, look for either a sticker or a separate card, or check inside of the instruction manual for the serial number. Photoshop CS2 comes packaged in ma... Read More »

What do u do when u cant sleep and u cant fall asleep but are tired ?

go to the drugstore and buy some melatonin...its all natural, it won't make you feel groggy...its the same thing your brain produces to help you fall asleep and some people's brain has a shortage o... Read More »

I scanned a picture, but i cant find it in my comp., does anyone know how to find it?

Search for it or goto scan it again and see wich file it saves into. It should prompt you on where you want to save it. If you are using a specific software try that softwares folder. Usually can b... Read More »