How to cure sore throat/pain while swallowing?

Answer Tea with honey and lemon is a classic home remedy. It definitely helps a bit at least. Not really a "cure" though, just something to make you more comfortable until you get better.

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A quick question please: If you have a very sore throat and difficulty in swallowing, should you eat cold?

It takes a while for the salt water gargle to work. That's more of a preventive measure. Eat whatever you can, hot or cold. Zinc lozenges, and throat sprays, also help cut the healing time.

Do you know anything to cure a sore throat?

A tablespoon of pure honey on a cup of warm water and half the juice of a lemon, you gargle with ita nd the next day you are as good as new.

Cure for sore throat?

Drink clear liquids which are most soothing and help to thin out the mucus at the back of your throat. Warm liquids also help in alleviating the pain. It is better to stick to a healthy diet that ... Read More »

Best Cure for Sore Throat?

Taking Tylenol & Halls Cough Drop it soothes it.