How to cure my hurting finger from the guitar?

Answer Your fingers will become tuffer as they become conditioned to this kind of play. You are doing TOO MUCH too fast for now. Give them a rest and let them recover. Pushing harder now will only make th... Read More »

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Keep finger from hurting tomorrow morning?

Yes, frozen peas work wonders if you have any around!!If not, wrap it in an ace bandage or sock or something, firm but not tight and take an anti-inflamatory and elevate it. Sleep with it on a pill... Read More »

What is a good cure for an elbow that is hurting from playing ball?

I could give it the magical moooooooooooooo feel better kiss. They always work.

I slammed my finger in the door. How do I get it to stop hurting?

applying an icepack to it will help reduce swelling.take motrin or tylenol (motrin works best b/c it also has an anti-inflammatory in it to help reduce swelling)for motrin: take 200-400mg every 6-8... Read More »


Darn those allergies...Well some people like to suck on popsicles or eat some ice can also take a cough drop. And if it still hurts really bad you should head to the doctor!! :) Ho... Read More »