How to cure a infected toe with over the counter medication PLEASE HELP!?

Answer You *think* it's infected?Sweet Jesus - you get him to an urgent care clinic before he loses to the toes, and possibly his feet and life...if he has a fever, you go to the ER, alright? Please?He co... Read More »

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Can anyone recommend a good acne medication besides over the counter medication like Clearsil?

My boyfriend and I used Origins - Make a difference - Skin rejuvenating treatment. It helped to clear our face...use it in the morning and night everyday and it helps to heal the scars and prevent ... Read More »

Over the counter concentration medication?

brewers yeast is a good one, (form of vitamin B)

Best over the counter migraine medication?

There isn't much in the way of over-the-counter remedies specifically for migraine, since many migraine medications must be dosed carefully to avoid hazardous side effects. You're mainly limited to... Read More »

Best over-the-counter medication for poison ivy?

The over the counter remedies don't work well. If you aren't improving, call the doctor and get medicine that needs prescription.