How to cure a candy hangover?

Answer Ginger tea or camomile tea if you have it, ginger ale or a bit of candied ginger- any of which is safe and effective to settle a woggy belly which overindulged in sweets. Then a nice sleep. He ma... Read More »

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Hangover who knows a good hangover cure?

What realy is the best way to CURE(notice the word cure) a hangover?

My 'CURE'..2 strong painkillers,a banana milkshake (if you can keep it down!)good source of Potassium,ideal for hangovers,or Rehydrate,buy it from chemist,mix with water and drink.Bed rest,cold com... Read More »

The Cure for a hangover...?

a little hair of the dog, my friend....(that means do a shot, honest it helps)loads of water...what's wrong with people and their thumbs down..I don't get it..

How do you cure a really bad hangover?