How to crossfire with integrated graphics?

Answer While Crossfire between standalone graphics cards is restricted to cards of the same family/series (the first two digits of the card model must match) it's true that AMD's A-series processors with ... Read More »

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Can you use Crossfire with onboard integrated graphics and another GPU?

That combination (4670 with 4250) won't work. Not that it's any loss, the 4670 is 5x the performance of the 4250.Hybrid Crossfire does allow you to boost a low end (4350) card with the onboard gr... Read More »

How to Integrated or Onboard Graphics to Pci Graphics Card?

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I have a laptop with i3 dual core and integrated graphics, and 6GB RAM. Can I play most video games that?

"external graphics cards don't do much goods". Integrated graphics is even worse, that's why gamers have discrete internal video cards. Also, the i3 CPU is nice but not ideal for gaming. You can ge... Read More »

Can you use an NVIDIA graphics card on ATI Crossfire boards?

You cannot use an NVIDIA SLI graphics card together with an ATI Crossfire or CrossfireX card. The original version of Crossfire employed an external connector for the two cards rather than the inte... Read More »