How to create youtube videos like Michelle Phan?

Answer hi there! :]i know what you mean, i'm a huge fan of michelle phan and for what i know is that first of all you need a good video camera with a tripod,and a good editing program,i've heard that she ... Read More »

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Why is everyone mad at Michelle Phan?

It has a lot to do with her skin care line IQQU, people think she lied about it being FDA approved. I don't know what to think. I never bought the brand and don't even recall her talking about it.s... Read More »

Are there any videos on youtube videos where boys are forced to be ballerinas or something like that?

First of all, a ballerina is a the top female ballet dancer in a company.A boy or male ballet dancer is a cavalier or danseur.There are no countries that force children into dance, in Soviet Russia... Read More »

How to Create Good Videos on Youtube?

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I want to create videos for youtube?

First you must create your video in Microsoft Movie Maker is an application that serves to: - Capture video and audio from a video camera, a webcam or other video source for use in later films crea... Read More »