How to create youtube videos like Michelle Phan?

Answer hi there! :]i know what you mean, i'm a huge fan of michelle phan and for what i know is that first of all you need a good video camera with a tripod,and a good editing program,i've heard that she ... Read More »

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Why is everyone mad at Michelle Phan?

It has a lot to do with her skin care line IQQU, people think she lied about it being FDA approved. I don't know what to think. I never bought the brand and don't even recall her talking about it.s... Read More »

I want to create videos for youtube?

First you must create your video in Microsoft Movie Maker is an application that serves to: - Capture video and audio from a video camera, a webcam or other video source for use in later films crea... Read More »

How to Create Good Videos on Youtube?

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How to Create Videos with a Video Camera and Put Them on YouTube?

YouTube is one of the fastest growing websites in the world, new videos are added each day. This article will explain how to take your videos off of a camera and upload them to YouTube.