How to create a excel formula for this (urgrnt)?

Answer Let us assume that column A contains the Month/Day in a Date format, such as "mm-dd". And that column B will contain the numeric year value. The basic formula that will combine those two columns ... Read More »

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How do I create a formula in excel?

If you want the first worksheet to always begin with the Monday of the current week, then use the following formula: =IF(WEEKDAY(TODAY(),2)=1,TODAY(), TODAY()-(WEEKDAY(TODAY())-1))That way you will... Read More »

How do I create a new row in an Excel spreadsheet using a formula?

Creating and Using a New Row MacroOpen a new or existing Excel spreadsheet. Click on "View" (the last tab, on the right), click on the arrow under "Macros" and then select "Record Macro...." In the... Read More »

How do you create/add to a formula in Microsoft Excel?

All true Dates (and Times) within MS-Excel are nothing more than Serial Numbers. A date is nothing more than the number of days that have passed since January 01, 1900 (i.e. February 01, 1900 equa... Read More »

In Excel, how do I create a formula to calculate time on a time sheet?

First of all, make sure that each of the cells that are to hold a time value have actually been formatted as a Date/Time field type. Do this by selecting those cells, then right-click that selecte... Read More »