How to crash a protected computer?

Answer Run a magnet over the hard drive.

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How can i crash my computer?

If you have Windows go into the C drive and into the subdirectories "system" and "system32" and delete all the files especially the ones with the dll extensions. That'll screw it up good.

Is my computer protected?

I agree with the above. Get rid of Norton but you MUST use their removal tool. Get it here:…Download Avast from here - Free - Read More »

Can a bad fan cause a computer to crash?

A faulty computer fan can cause a computer to crash. A fan that isn't functioning properly is unable to circulate cool air through the computer, causing the computer to overheat and crash.Reference... Read More »

How to Crash Your Computer?

Do you have a bad computer that you want to ruin? Well then, follow these steps.