How to crash a protected computer?

Answer Run a magnet over the hard drive.

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How to Crash Your Computer?

Do you have a bad computer that you want to ruin? Well then, follow these steps.

Can a bad fan cause a computer to crash?

A faulty computer fan can cause a computer to crash. A fan that isn't functioning properly is unable to circulate cool air through the computer, causing the computer to overheat and crash.Reference... Read More »

How can i crash my computer?

If you have Windows go into the C drive and into the subdirectories "system" and "system32" and delete all the files especially the ones with the dll extensions. That'll screw it up good.

How do you Crash Your Computer?

OOOH PICK ME PICK ME!! But, I am a lil confused ? Did you try a 'system restore'? Check out I have learned a LOTTA stuff in this magazine.