How to correctly put on eyeliner?

Answer With eyeliner, practice makes perfect. It's just one of those things you have to work at, and find what way of eyeliner looks good on you and you personally like.

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How do you apply eyeliner correctly?

Wait for it to dry and set for at least 30 seconds. Maybe your skin is just to oily? try applying a powder before you line your eyes. If that doesn't work, invest in a new one!

How to Apply Eyeliner Correctly?

Eyeliner, which has been used since ancient times, is one of the world's most popular makeup products. Applying eyeliner correctly emphasizes the eyes, affects the appearance of eye shape and makes... Read More »

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner Correctly?

Liquid eyeliner creates a sultry, smooth line that accentuates the curve of your eye perfectly -- as long as you apply it smoothly to a well-prepared surface. Don't rush and don't be afraid to star... Read More »

Best reasonably priced eyeliner brand for winged eyeliner that doesn't smudge?

liquid liner or gel liner is best for winged liner. it all depends on your preference. i prefer liquid. i have changed my brand several times.the first one i use was almay, the tip is really easy t... Read More »