How to copy video clippings from my Sony Handycam DCR-TRV 27 to my computer ?

Answer If all you want is a free solution, Windows comes with a video editor, called Movie Maker. You can find it in your Start Menu, unless you've deleted the shortcut there. It actually is found in th... Read More »

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How to Upload Sony Handycam Video to a Computer?

Uploading the videos on your Sony Handycam to a computer is an easy and simple process using a USB connector cable that plugs into one of the USB ports on your computer. (Check your Handycam's pack... Read More »

Getting video from my Sony handycam dvd-r camera o my computer?

You need some suitable software as well - Try it this way Use a programme such as Ulead VideoStudio - you take the mini-disc out of your camcorder and put it into the DVD tray of your PC making sur... Read More »

Sony Handycam Vision Hi8, how to download the video on it onto your computer?

Hi8 is analog, but computers need a digital input so you'll need an analog to digital converter. You can get a suitable device from any electronics store.

How do i transfer video to computer using sony handycam 990x camcorder?

This camcorder uses recording media known as the Hi8 tapes, which are recorded in an analog format. Had it of been a camcorder which uses mini DVDs or MiniDV tapes, this would be a quick and easy s... Read More »