How to cook a dog i am inexperienced you can give me suggestions?

Answer O Madonna...Io Cm Faccio??! Ma Io Pensavo Ke Avevi Mexo La Traduzione x Meeeee xDVbb Cmq Qualcosa Riesco a Capire...Tipo...Kiedi Cm Cucinare i Cani?? Boh Spero De Si...xDMa Poi Tutti Qst Ke Hanno R... Read More »

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What is the best thing top serve with lasagna Am a very inexperienced cook as you can tell!!?

I'd say garlic bread and salad - that's what I usually serve.

I have to make a Spanish dish for a class project, and I do not cook very well. Any suggestions?

The best recipe that you may apply for you Spanish dish would be the Manchego Cheese with Figs--this one is definitely easy.Here's the recipe1/4 lb. Manchego cheese, or other sheep milk cheese4-5 d... Read More »

Could you give me some menu suggestions?

potato wedges with sauces for dippin' buffalo wings. come corn for poppin', plenty of moonshine and some root beer for the young un's.

I want to purchase a handycam. Give me suggestions?