How to cook a dog i am inexperienced you can give me suggestions?

Answer O Madonna...Io Cm Faccio??! Ma Io Pensavo Ke Avevi Mexo La Traduzione x Meeeee xDVbb Cmq Qualcosa Riesco a Capire...Tipo...Kiedi Cm Cucinare i Cani?? Boh Spero De Si...xDMa Poi Tutti Qst Ke Hanno R... Read More »

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What is the best thing top serve with lasagna Am a very inexperienced cook as you can tell!!?

I'd say garlic bread and salad - that's what I usually serve.

I have to make a Spanish dish for a class project, and I do not cook very well. Any suggestions?

The best recipe that you may apply for you Spanish dish would be the Manchego Cheese with Figs--this one is definitely easy.Here's the recipe1/4 lb. Manchego cheese, or other sheep milk cheese4-5 d... Read More »

Girls,please give me some suggestions...?

Buy a handbag or a purse.Because the handbag is the essential accessory for girl.She will use it everyday.…It is very chic,I think she will like it.You'd b... Read More »

Could you please give me some headphone suggestions?

Try looking around in the Sennheiser series. They are not super pricey and you can definitely find some top notch headphones that are way below $250. I have Beats be Dr. Dre, but I only like them... Read More »