How to convince parents to post Youtube videos?

Answer Do it anyway. If you are at that in between age when parents still restrict you from doing things, its usually time to push at your boundaries and break a few rules. I would have never been able to... Read More »

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How to convince my parents to get a youtube account?

First as them why, it never hurts to ask.Next ask them when it'll be ok to make oneIf they give you a certain age (for example) Age 14) You have one whole year to practice your makeup, filming, edi... Read More »

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Have a Youtube Account?

YouTube is a video internet side from around the world. Millions of people have one. Some people feel lonely. Don't feel lonely. Start today. If you follow these easy steps you might have an account.

Is there anyway u can post videos on youtube, without anyone seeing them?

There is a way to upload them as a private video, where you can invite other people to watch them. If you don't invite anyone else then no one else can see it.Though honestly it would just be easie... Read More »

How To Convince Your Parents (Mom) To Let You Make A Youtube Account?

Why do they have to know? I've had my youtube for 4 or 5 years and my parents don't know about it.