How to convince parents to let me shave!!!?

Answer Hey Hun.EXACT SAME PROBLEM. SAME AGE. EVERYTHING!i hate that my parents treat me like a little girl.. my dad didnt want me to wear heels but he's over it cuz i told him im growing up and i should b... Read More »

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How do i convince my parents to let me shave my legs?

Tell your parents that you need your own rights to shave your legs. Show them pictures of hair girls or something. I'm sure they'll let you, or if you want you can do it in your own care.

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Shave Your Legs As a Preteen?

An old school razorDo you feel self-conscious of your legs? Do your parents not let you shave? Here a few methods to try on them.

How to Convince a Very Hairy Man to Shave His Chest?

If you think your beau needs some serious manscaping but is opposed to hair removal, how can you convince him to at least shave his chest? Many hirsute-chested men may cling to their hairiness, thi... Read More »

My husband and I are nineteen and we have a four year old son and people think we are unfit parents because we are young and can we convince these people we are good parents?

well, you are setting a bad example becaseu seeing that you are that young and parents, instead of focusing all of your time on a good college education, you have to deal with your kid, so that kid... Read More »