How to convince my mom to get me colored contacts?

Answer Well you can let her know they're perfectly safe. I've been wearing contacts for about 5 years now, and I've been using the colored ones for 4 years. As long as you make sure not to sleep in them a... Read More »

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How to Buy Colored Contacts?

Colored contacts and colored contact lenses may very well be the most fun you can have in respect to changing your appearance. The variety that is available is enormous, ranging from natural looki... Read More »

Colored contacts!!!!?

An eye wear store. Be careful though because they can harm your eyes. If you wear them for so long - they'll dissolve into your eyes. It happened to a friend of mine, not good.

Colored contacts!?

Spencer's great website for cheap colored lenses.

How to Buy Cheap Colored Contacts?

Buying cheap colored contacts has become much easier these days as compared to the past; colored contacts have become much more affordable. However, contacts, like glasses, regardless of whether or... Read More »