How to convince my friend she's being stupid?

Answer If you tell someone that it's a mistake but they don't listen, you can hope they don't make a mistake, but if they do at least they should learn from it. (If her way goes well, then there is nothin... Read More »

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Is she pretty(shes my best friend)?

You both look like you are about 13 or 14. She's pretty but I think you are a lot prettier.

What could I say to a friend who just found out shes diabetic?

In reference to a couple of the answers already given, you don't have to be fat and have a bad diet to be a diabetic! You could tell her that while it will mean some changes to her life, with prop... Read More »

My best friend got her period.and shes scared to tell her mom?

No, don't tell her mom. That would be breaking her trust with you, and she'd be even less likely to tell someone something next time. Plus, it's her job to tell her mom this stuff. I suggest you ta... Read More »

What do you think my friend weighs shes 5ft 3in tall and is she pudgy?