How to convince a friend that drinking is really bad for you?

Answer Tell him that it is true that it has many benefits but the excessive cosumption of it turns it deadly just like with food....if you eat too much food you first become fat and then you begin to have... Read More »

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How to Convince Your Friend's Parents to Let Your Friend Sleep Over?

Convincing the parents of your friend to let you stay over can be extremely easy, or difficult depending on the persons involved.

How do I convince my 18 year old boyfriend that drinking alcohol is not good for him?

Get him to try ecstasy, crystal meth or crack instead. Those don't affect blood sugar levels, as far as I know.

How can you convince an alcoholic to stop drinking when he's getting stents in his heart?

I'm glad you dad survived. He needs to consider this a "slap in the face" from reality and a second chance.Drinking doesn't directly affect the stents. It DOES weaken the heart. Which is never good... Read More »

How to Convince Your Friend to Meet a Guy You Think She'll Like?

You know that your girlfriend could potentially meet the man of her dreams, yet she is being stubborn about meeting him! What are you going to do?