How to convert mini dvd onto Apple laptop?

Answer Make sure you are looking at the firewire port on your camera (there may also be a USB port - this only works for still pictures) Firewire is also referred to as "IEEE1394" and "iLink". Look at the... Read More »

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How to download a purchased dvd onto an apple laptop?

Handbrake is a good program.Its open source and free to download.

How can I convert my steadyshot handycam tape onto my laptop and what happens if I push the reset button?

Tape based cameras need Firewire, some laptops have them some dont, you can get an express card that will fit in the small slot on the side of your laptop (if you have it) like thishttp://www.amazo... Read More »

How can I connect my camcorder to my laptop, and record what is on my tv screen onto my laptop all at once?

You need Composite A/V OUT from TV to your camcorder - it may be the VCR that is causing problem as the CAMCORDER should act as VCR, you see, your DOUBLING IT if that makes sense...your telling you... Read More »

What is the difference between a mini laptop and a laptop?

The most obvious difference between mini laptops and regular laptops is the size of each: The mini is smaller than a regular laptop. But there are other differences in the features of each type of ... Read More »