How to convert from 3GPP to DVD?


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How to Convert to 3Gpp?

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) designed the 3GP file format to allow the transfer of audio and video files between 3G enabled phones via a wireless Internet signal. Cell phones that ... Read More »

How to Convert 3GPP to MP3 Content?

The 3GPP (3rd Generation Project Partnership) format is designed to package high quality audio and video streams into lightweight packages. 3GPP files are optimized for mobile devices, where space ... Read More »

How to Convert 3GPP Videos to MPGs?

Video files recorded with cell phones are commonly saved in the 3rd Generation Partnership Project, or 3GPP, format. This video format was created specifically for sending small video files through... Read More »

How do I Convert a 3GPP Video Format to an AVI Video Format?

If you receive a cellphone video message or download a movie on your cellphone, it might be in the 3GPP (3GP) file format. Many cellphone manufacturers use the 3GP video format, as the container ty... Read More »