How to convert a 'tagged image file format' file into a 'JPG' file?

Answer Most of the answers are off here. Go to this site and get GIMP. Its free. Install it and open your TIF file and re-save it as a jpeg. Simple and easy.

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How to convert an Image file like JPEG to Text format(word DOC)?

you can import it into a program that uses OCR (optical character recognition) it will scan the image for characters it can recognize and convert them to text, these programs work best on images co... Read More »

How to Convert a Bitmap Image Into a File Format Supported by wikiHow?

wikiHow's software accepts most image formats used by digital cameras and graphics programs, including GIF, JPEG and PNG. However, Bitmap (BMP) images will need to be converted. Here is how to do t... Read More »

In Html coding how does the <img> file know where to be found where should i put the image file?

src attribute. not > and that in HTML, the tag is simply that and nothing more unless you want to specify .other than that they are the same.

How to convert jpeg file(scanned immage of a document) to doc file?

Here's a site where you can download a free trial of some OCR software:… OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. Before you download the software, s... Read More »