How to control session ID in ASP.Net?

Answer ASP Sessions Are Cookie-basedASP uses HTTP cookies to send users their unique session keys. For example, an ASP application that is using sessions would respond to a user's request with an HTTP hea... Read More »

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Norton doesnt let me choose a SCAN SESSION to save my scan session information?

What is an SSL session?

A SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, session is established after SSL connection has been authenticated. When you are doing online banking transactions, you establish a secure connection to the bank's se... Read More »

What is a pro forma session?

A pro forma session of Congress is a protocol used by both the House of Representatives and the Senate to satisfy obligations regarding the number of meetings each house must hold before going into... Read More »

How to Conduct an EVP Session?

So you think you're in an area with Paranormal activity, and want to do a bit of ghost hunting? One of your biggest forms of evidence will be EVPs, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon. These are voices ... Read More »