How to connect to internet without password?

Answer *-* pancakes

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What is the purpose of a password on internet connect?

if you mean on the wireless it is to stop unautherized people from connecting to your internet connection, it may suprise you that there are an awful lot of people that connect to other peoples wir... Read More »

How to connect to the internet without an IP address?

No can do. You'll have to resort to sending smoke signals.

How could I connect to the Internet without a ISP?

You can't.ISPs provide the backhauls (branch links) to the internet backbone. Unless you use gigantic amounts of bandwidth, which is very expensive, no backbone provider will sell you the backhauls... Read More »

How Can I connect to the Internet without using a ISP and WiFi?

Well, you can't.If you are trying to connect from home without an ISP or WiFi, you're out of luck, the internet doesn't work like that.You can go to McDonald's or somewhere with a free internet con... Read More »