How to come out of loneliness or emptiness?

Answer You seem young from your letter writing, I would suggest you talk with an older person or an adult you trust and open up about your feelings. It should be someone you know and trust or a doctor, te... Read More »

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How to Understand Change, Emptiness & Stress?

It changes all the time, even when we aren't watching it. When we aren't seeing it, its still there, still changing. So it is with the mind, the body and the universe.In Buddhism there are three ch... Read More »

How to Avoid Loneliness?

You don't want to be lonely.People say loneliness kills, so don't we want to spread a wide smile on our faces? Here are some tips to help fight our loneliness.

Define loneliness for you?

Losing my beloved dad to cancer has made me feel so lonely even when I am in a room full of friends and family, I feel lonely without him.

How to Get Through Loneliness?

Everyone in the world is afraid of being lonely, it's something that we must go through in life and it can be a sad and dark place for some of us. Most of the time you are going through it alone wi... Read More »