How to clone ubuntu system on a cd or dvd?

Answer Definitely possible. I always do that. Would you be able to create a separate partition for 10.10? This way, you retain your original and install ubuntu to the new one?If not, do you have a USB ... Read More »

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What is the best unix clone operating system?

On One Hand: Linux Most Popular and User-FriendlyThe most popular UNIX clone is Linux, considered the user-friendliest UNIX-like operating system. A primary reason for its popularity is its superio... Read More »

What is the best clone iphone 4 and it is true that there is a clone with 5mp?

Under "Get More Shells," you can click on "Get shells for free" and download lots of apps, a lot of them free. Then, after opening the app, you can delete it if you don't want it, to free up space.... Read More »

If you clone a person would the clone be the original person's sibling or child?

Nobody knows.... Nobody's been cloned before. They just have cloned animals. No people yet. They COULD clone a person, but nobody said yes when they asked the pregmant mothers.

How to Backup the Entire Ubuntu System?

Backing up data is essential to any computer regardless of operating system. Without a backup present, data is vulnerable to drive failure and corruption. There are many methods of backup in Ubuntu... Read More »