How to clone a hard drive?

Answer I would use a USB to Sata AdapterTake the drives from the desination pcs and hook them up to the host pc.And just do a disk to disk cloneI wouldn't use the flash drive it would probably be sloooow

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Can I clone my hard drive With paragon drive copy professional trial version?

If you have Windows Professional, or Windows 7, you do not need software, you can do a system image. Here is free software… Hey, I enjoyed your questio... Read More »

How to Clone Mac OS X to a New Hard Drive?

Unless you enjoy losing your hard work and files, it's always a good idea to back up your data. Mac OS X has a built-in backup utility called "Disk Utility" that allows you to perform a cloning pro... Read More »

How to Clone a Hard Drive Boot CD?

Cloning, or copying, the contents of your hard drive from a boot CD requires that you have a bit of familiarity with using a text-based operating system such as DOS. This can allow you to create a ... Read More »

How to Clone a Hard Drive in Windows XP?

The way you clone or copy your drive depends on what files are on it. If you're simply storing files you can just copy them to another drive. If you need to upgrade your main or system drive (the o... Read More »