How to clean the lens and lcd on digital camera?

Answer You could clean yours like I did mine....I carried it into the shower with me. I got it really, really clean and shiny. I did drop it when I slipped and it quit working... but it looks good.g-day!

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How do you clean lens of a small digital camera?

Use the corner of an anti bac wipe, it will degrease it at the same time.

How do you clean the inside lens of a professional digital camera?

You bring it to a professional for maintenance. Especially if you are a professional, why would you want to take the chance of ruining the camera or the lens?depending on what is meant by "inside l... Read More »

How to Clean Digital Camera Lens with a Vacuum Cleaner?

Those are the spots which are both on the display of the camera and on the photographs.Sometimes dust enters the inside of the lens of digital cameras and results in black spots visible on the disp... Read More »

Nikon N50 film camera body with several nice lens Is there a digital camera body these lens will fit on?