How to clean the dust in the camera ,?

Answer If you'd like to know how much it will cost to repair your camera then by all means use compressed air. By using it you can drive dust deeper into places where it can really do damage plus you migh... Read More »

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Can you clean dust out of camera lenses?

Yes, just use a hair blower and make sure to get a clean soft cloth for lens to clean it properly.

How do you clean the dust off the sensor of a point-and-shoot camera?

For a point-and-shoot, you take/send it to a factory-authorized repair shop. With a digital SLR, you can typically choose a menu option like "sensor clean" which will flip the mirror up exposing th... Read More »

How do you clean the dust out of a computer?

I use "canned air" and give the computer a good "blow out" weekly.

How to Clean Dust Off a Baseboard?

Because of their location near the floor at the base of walls, it is easy to overlook baseboards as part of your regular cleaning. By neglecting the baseboards, you allow dust to build up and event... Read More »