How to clean refrigerator gaskets?

Answer Answer if they come out, use a sink Otherwise I like "Mean Green" and a rag.

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Types of Refrigerator Gaskets?

Refrigerator gaskets come in two main types, magnetic and non-magnetic. They can also vary in how they attach to the refrigerator's door pan or mounting strips. Does this Spark an i... Read More »

Who invented magnetic refrigerator-door gaskets?

Italian Ilpea company invented the magnetic refrigerator-door gaskets.Please refer to the website for further information.Below is adapted from the information of ... Read More »

How to Clean the Refrigerator Drain Tube in a Kenmore Refrigerator?

Kenmore has been manufacturing appliances for Sears since the early part of the 20th century. They have a number of makes and models, but no matter what futuristic devices might be present, all Ken... Read More »

Problems With Head Gaskets & Manifold Gaskets?

The head gasket seals the smooth surfaces between the head and the engine block, and the intake manifold gasket seals the surfaces between the engine and manifold. These gaskets can create addition... Read More »