How to clean inside your anus without enema (girls only please)?

Answer Your boyfriends tongue.

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How do I measure the inside of my anus?

Tell him if he was bigger it would be tighter.

Can you put your fingers inside your anus to masturbate?

Well, you can, but there's no guarantee that you'll like it. Short nails and some lube is recommended, as is a thorough handwash afterwards.

How to Clean Yourself Without an Enema?

Feel the need to clean yourself out, but don't have an enema? Well, if you have a bathtub with jets, you're in luck!

Girls: do you enjoy when a guy finishes inside of you!?

I absolutely love it, I mean LOVE IT! It makes me feel so good. In me, on me, in my mouth ( as long as he hasn't eaten chinese food today) I just love it.