How to clean inside your anus without enema (girls only please)?

Answer Your boyfriends tongue.

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How to Clean Yourself Without an Enema?

Feel the need to clean yourself out, but don't have an enema? Well, if you have a bathtub with jets, you're in luck!

How do you shave your vagina hair Girls only please :)?

I never use shaving cream, not even on my legs, and I shave it all off. You just have to be careful. I just press the razor gently to my skin and shave. Don't add a lot of pressure like you would y... Read More »

Can you put your fingers inside your anus to masturbate?

Well, you can, but there's no guarantee that you'll like it. Short nails and some lube is recommended, as is a thorough handwash afterwards.

GIRLS only please im foreal ONLy girls !?