How to check your Graphics card Details.?

Answer My way of looking would be as follows, start- programmes - accessories- system information, and on that page click on display and it should tell you in the box opposite

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How to Check the Graphics Card on a PC?

In Microsoft Windows operating systems, the Display Settings, along with a special graphics card interface (such as the Nvidia Control Panel), if present, will enable checking the graphics card. If... Read More »

How to Disable the Onboard Graphics and Install a New Graphics Card in Your HP Pavilion 6630?

The HP Pavilion cannot have the integrated graphics disabled in the BIOS. This can be frustrating if you are trying to do what the graphics card manual says.

How can I check my graphics card on Windows 7?

type on start dxdiagthe above will surely help, it may take up to to 20-30 sec for first opening if you have not open yet,,then goto Display TABThe first shows your graphic card name and your graph... Read More »

How to Check the Performance of a Graphics Card?

A graphics card's performance consists entirely of how many frames it's capable of drawing each second. This is its frame rate, or FPS (short for frames per second). Of course, different programs s... Read More »