How to check the type of ram you have and other ram related questions?

Answer Go to this website and run the two tools at top to find the maximum ram memory modules your system will support, correct memory modules, what your system has now. You can also order, look at prices... Read More »

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Do I have full lips And a couple other questions...?

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RSI on RTV! Can I sue whipass chick for all those BB questions, I have now got RSI, cannot type properly now!!?

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I was watching Intervention the other day, and now I have a couple of questions about anorexia...?

1. general rule of thumb, you will lose a pound for every 3500 more calories that your body burns then you consume. So to lose, 20 pounds if you are burning 1500 calories per day and consuming 500 ... Read More »

My questions previously was 'Do Statins have a harmful effect on other parts of the body'?

Rosie, - I answered your previous question honestly in the light of my (our) own experiences, which in hindsight perhaps were too gloomy. But then, I'm 80, and clearly biassed, and addressed the qu... Read More »