How to check the type of ram you have and other ram related questions?

Answer Go to this website and run the two tools at top to find the maximum ram memory modules your system will support, correct memory modules, what your system has now. You can also order, look at prices... Read More »

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Student Loan related questions?

Nothing is wrong with taking out a $5,000 loan. You probably wont qualify for a PLUS Loan or any federal loan since you were on schlolarship. My only advice to you is take out a private loan thru ... Read More »

Which internet should I choose + related questions?

hi :P1: yes you will need a router (they will probably provide you with one)1:a, each time you connect the device to the router it will be assigned a new ip address, as most routers do unless its s... Read More »

10 random name related questions - care to answer?

1. I associate names with colors as well; I didn't think that anyone else did.* Serena: Silver and Blue* Delilah: Green (also red, but not as much)* Carolina: Lavender* Vivienne: Dark Purple* Ann... Read More »

A poll-type question but song related too... (Only for those who know Hindi!)?

Hehe I loved the lyrics. It's youthful and I guess youngsters can relate to it well.So, I would give it a 8 on 10.