How to check processor on Windows XP?

Answer Right click on My computer click properties and read your processor Type on General tab or you can go to Hardware tab then click on Device Manager double click on processors so processor type will ... Read More »

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How to Check the Processor Speed in Windows?

Although the number is not an entirely accurate gauge of a computer's speed, many people look to the processor speed as a simple way of quantifying the performance of a computer. Windows stores inf... Read More »

Why windows xp loads faster than windows vista both on PCs with same processor and RAM?

the reason for this is that vista is a newer operating system, and it has more features and is more "power thirsty".if we look back to operating systems running about 15-20 years ago, they are so m... Read More »

How to Check Pc Processor Speed?

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How to Check Processor Usage?

Checking the performance usage of the central processing unit of the computer is essential for utilizing available resources effectively and efficiently. The processor usage is determined by the ma... Read More »