How to change your tumblr url to tumblah?

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Tumblr tumblah domain not working?

Hey!Then you either haven't created it successfully or that Tumblah site is not working at the moment. It could be that it never works, try creating another domain and see if it works or not, if it... Read More »

How do you change your tumblr profile picture with tumblr's new layout?

go to your to the word "Dashboard" is your blog name,click on will direct you to a different view.under the "open your blog" tab,there are "customize appearance" and a symbol S... Read More »

How do you change your Tumblr url?

Hi!ok you go to your current url name at the top (its next to dashboard) and then ok the right had side you'll see the 'settings' button. Just click that and there you go! You can change your url ... Read More »

How do I change my Tumblr URL?

If you would like to change your Tumblr URL, follow these simple steps 1. Go to your Dashboard 2. Click on the title of your blog 3. Click “Blog Settings” at the Sidebar 4. Find the “URL” s... Read More »