How to change the sleep of baby from day to night?

Answer Follow the baby's needs and allow the baby to sleep whenever he/she wants. Trying to control this will just upset the baby. In time, the baby will develop a more normal sleeping pattern.

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When is my baby going to sleep through the night?

There are differing views as to when your baby will sleep through the night, and how to help her achieve this milestone. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, for example, babies don't e... Read More »

How much should a baby sleep at night?

From the time babies are born until about up 12 months old, they will need about eight and a half to 11and a half hours of sleep at night. However, some babies will sleep more or less than these am... Read More »

How can I help my baby to sleep through the night?

Babies require a lot of sleep, but they do not always sleep consistently through the night at first. This is why so many new parents are so tired and stressed out. There are ways to promote through... Read More »

How to Get a Baby to Sleep Through the Night?

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