How to change the scale in Excel?

Answer If you have right-clicked the Y-axis (vertical) and chosen FORMAT AXIS... then you should get a dialog window that shows various check-boxes under Auto for: • Minimum • Maximum • Majo... Read More »

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In windows excel, Clicking the scale arrow in the Scale to fit group opens which dialoug box?

To answer your test and/or homework assignment, choose "D" (Page Setup), since this is based upon the 2007 version of MS-Excel..

I see a change in my body, but not the scale...?

Yes, especially for women as our weight naturally fluctuates during the course of every month. I would try to keep from weighing yourself more than twice a month, so you don;t get discouraged one ... Read More »

How much would 1 mile of n scale model train scale track cost?

Okay, a mile in N-Scale would be 33 feet. Atlas N-scale Flex Track is $4.25 for 30 inchesSO, 33 feet turned to inches is 369 inches... now divide that by 30 inches and that gives you 13.2 lengths ... Read More »

What is the difference between a weight scale&a balanced scale?

Weight scales independently measure the mass of an object in pounds of pressure, or what we commonly call "weight." Balance scales, on the other hand, compare an object's mass to that of another ob... Read More »