How to change the destination of a scan hpC6180 to hp computer with vista?

Answer I'm using an HP DESKJET 1050 PSC. When i select scanner I'm given the choice of 6 ways to scan. near the bottom is advanced settings. Clicking on this gives me the option of choosing the destinatio... Read More »

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Change a destination folder when you scan pictures?…

What does destination scan mean on UPS?

A UPS "Destination Scan" tracking event means that a package has arrived at the UPS facility that is responsible for actually delivering it. UPS keeps electronic records to show that its warehouse ... Read More »

When attempting to scan to a computer using the scan to function on the front panel, a No Scan Options?

Have you tried uninstalling your scanner and then installing again? Try this and see if it helps if not call or go to a nearby electronic store (Best Buy, CirCuit City) and ask them why is your sca... Read More »

How can I get my HP 5510 (fax, scan, printer) to scan documents since upgrading to MS Vista?

I found updated drivers for Vista.Here's the link:…Also, this link is for Vista 32 bit. If you are have Vista 64 bit let me know and I'll get you the link... Read More »