How to change the destination of a scan hpC6180 to hp computer with vista?

Answer I'm using an HP DESKJET 1050 PSC. When i select scanner I'm given the choice of 6 ways to scan. near the bottom is advanced settings. Clicking on this gives me the option of choosing the destinatio... Read More »

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Change a destination folder when you scan pictures?…

I scan my computer with Avira Complete Scan and There is 11 Warnings What should i do?

It seems that your computer is not infected but you have several programs that are corrupted. I would try reinstalling those programs that aren't functioning if I were you.Start with that TuneUp Ut... Read More »

My computer is running very slow, i have deleted all the crap off ,done scan upon scan with a v g?

If your computer is still runnning slow think about downloading Ad aware fro lavasoft. many causes like adware will not be detected on a virus scanner, but they WILL cause computer slowdown.If thi... Read More »

What does destination scan mean on UPS?

A UPS "Destination Scan" tracking event means that a package has arrived at the UPS facility that is responsible for actually delivering it. UPS keeps electronic records to show that its warehouse ... Read More »