How to change resolution on a mac without loosing the clarity?

Answer Karri explained perfectly why the clarity goes down.I definitely recommend changing the font size. I don't understand why "that won't really do it." Open Safari. Click Safari > Preferences > Advanc... Read More »

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How to remove bios password without loosing its current settings, or how to change it?

The two options (removing the jumper, removing battery) will reset the BIOS settings. This implies loosing all settings. There is no way to change a BIOS password except the two methods above (unle... Read More »

Emerson Flat Screen TV: Error Message "resolution mismatch change devices resolution" How do I fix this?

Whatever is feeding the TV (cable, dvd, bluray, etc.) needs to be set at the same resolution as the TV. Your TV is maybe 720p and it's being fed 1080p. Change this in the settings of device feeding... Read More »

How can i loose fat without loosing muscle?

Keep it simple.. Jus keep lifting heavy weights... Keep the protein high.. Take whey protein before an after workouts an also take casein protein before bed..Dont over due cardio..

How can I do exercise without loosing my boobs?

Breasts are made up of fattie tissue so if you're losing weight, chances are you'll lose a bit of breast fat. Its okay though because depending on how much weight you lose, your breasts will likely... Read More »