How to change color to black in hp printer?

Answer Start, control panel, printers, double click the printer you use then printer preferences and then color, apply and OK.

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Can I use two color ink jets with my HP printer rather than a color ink jet and a black ink jet?

You will destroy the printer. Why not get a refill kit and refill the black container? At least then you would have black ink, although the container won't last as long as a new one.

If i have no black ink in my printer, can I use color ink to produce black?

No, you can't. Best you could do it Grey. You need black to achieve some of the darker colors. Go get another cartridge.

I tried to dye my short white even though they were black is there anyway I can change the color a dif color?

Soak them in bleach until they turn white, then you can either keep them white or dye it another colour.

Can i get black & white print in color printer?

Of course. Color printers have black and white ink too. That's how you get greys. That's like asking if you can only print out something Orange in a color printer. Sure you can. =)Control + P ... Read More »