How to change a PDF file to a text file?

Answer if you just want a text only...[1] open your PDF file with Adobe Reader, then...[2] File--> Save as Text...if you want the whole sheet (with pictures, links, symbols or etc..) , you need to convert... Read More »

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How to Encode a Computer File Into a Base64 Encoded Text File?

Text files can be stored as text, of course. But what if there was a way to store any other kind of file as text? This would mean that, for instance, if your webmail didn't allow attachments, you w... Read More »

How to Convert a Text File Into a Computer Read Audio File?

Having a computer convert text to an audio file is useful for the visual impaired, the illiterate, people with learning disabilities, those learning a new language, and students of just about every... Read More »

How to Create a text file through batch file.?

some more tricks:if u want to add a > in the text use ^>The same syntax for

What is the file extension for a standard text file?

The standard three-letter extension for a plain text file is .txt. The Windows operating system includes two programs (Notepad and WordPad) that can open and edit .txt files. Apple TextEdit can als... Read More »