How to can i get ridd of a mice in my food pantry?

Answer If the traps aren't working, it's because the mice think the food in your pantry is more tasty than the bait in the mousetraps. Try setting multiple traps with a different bait in each one. Peanu... Read More »

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What is the difference between a food pantry&a food bank?

Food banks and food pantries help provide sustenance to those who do not have the means on their own. Though they both work toward the same goal, there are differences in their functions and scope.... Read More »

How to Set Up a Food Pantry?

Traditionally, a food pantry was set up in a home in order to store food for months, seasons or in times of need. When set up properly, it could store dry goods, cans and more. Today, a food pantry... Read More »

What do i need to start a food pantry?

A well-stocked pantry (cupboard, refrigerator, or both) is essential for any aspiring chef or cook. Some necessary categories include herbs, spices, as well as baking and cooking needs.Herbs and Sp... Read More »

Are donations to a food pantry tax deductible?

Donations made to a food bank or food pantry are usually tax deductible. These donations can be monetary or donations of food itself. Another option is donating services to support a food bank, suc... Read More »