Adoptees...I call upon you again for your help?

Answer Well, that's not the real anastasia... whoever it is just registered today...As for your question, it may be something they have to deal with together. I will say, I never hated my (first) mom fo... Read More »

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What do you mean by "Spirits" in this category do you actually see "Spirits" when you get drunk?

Didn't you know this is the section for the supernatural?....We should ask Ms Leepal to join us here....

What is a good song that will lift a persons spirits + BQ's?

Happy birthday HopeThis song will lift your spirits… (((hugs))))

How to Be Good at Call of Duty 4?

Call of Duty 4 is a great game but it is spoiled by new, inexperienced players who ruin the balance between teams.

How to Talk to Spirits?

Wanna talk to spirits? Well all you need is tool(s).