How to buy HP Laserjet Colour Printer Cartridges ?

Answer You can purchase toner cartridges either individually or as a set. It is not necessary to replace them all if only one or two are low/out of toner.You can purchase the toner directly from hp's web... Read More »

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I have a Lexmark 1100 series printer with 2 cartridges, one colour and one black, the colour one is running?

good question,im going to watch this one thanx.

Why are colour ink cartridges not really more expensive than black ink cartridges?

It really depends on what you're printing as to what color ink will be used up quicker. If you're just printing black text, then the black ink will be used, but if you're printing pictures, then th... Read More »

In general does printing in colour cost more than printing in black only I have a HP colour laserjet.?

Yes certainly color printing costs more.The black ink is made mainly from cheap Carbon black or some other cheap material. All other three inks are made of much costly ingredients. Black ink is tot... Read More »

How do I buy full laserjet cartridges?

Buying Full Laserjet Cartridges OnlineBuy full laserjet cartridges online. Purchasing items online can broaden your options. Create a buyer's account on eBay. Verify your identity by using the ID V... Read More »