How to bring tea with me to school?

Answer You could use a flask?

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I recently acquired contact lenses and am still in school. What things should i bring to school with me?

Your case, in case they both you, and a travel size bottle of your cleaning solution.You can pour it directly onto the contact while still in the eye without irritation, you may need a tissue though.

What can I bring to school for protein?

I know you said you hate sandwiches, but have you tried bread that is wholemeal/wholegrain? *no wheat flour/refined white bread*, that stuff fills you up damn good, loaded with spinach/lettuce/vegg... Read More »

How to Bring a Sorority to Your School?

Sororities are social organizations, most commonly found on undergraduate college and university campuses (in the United States). Membership in these "sisterhood" organizations is initiation-based ... Read More »

Is it okay to bring a backpack to school instead of a bag?

gfhg f,If you are all that concerned get something whimsical. My backpack for biking is a Winny The Poo pack. no one ever reads me as a boy.PennyAnn